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GMax GM67S Helmet with Retractable Sun Shield.

Gmax has stepped up the three-quarter helmet game with the Gmax GM 67s open face helmet. Options are one thing the 67s did not fall short on. This helmet is rally inspired and comes with a visor on the helmet that can easily be swapped with an included clear face shield. This Gmax GM67s has a smoked inner sun shield packed inside of the DOT thermo plastic alloy shield. There is a complete jaw set that can be purchased to help block some wind on the cooler days. Gmax has also made an optional L.E.D. light kit that can be purchased for the helmet. This light will blink fast, slow or stay solid. There is also a brake light kit available for the helmet allowing you to sync the LED light with your brake lights. Gmax Gm67S is a super functional helmet with a ton of options built in to get through every day.

GMax GM67S Helmet Features

  • NEW INNER FLIP TINT SUN LENS, with the best anti-fogging coating available today
  • Inner Tint flip shield is easily raised or lowered with a lever located on the exterior of the helmet
  • Lightweight DOT approved Thermo-Plastic-Alloy shell.
  • Excellent shield sealing reduces cold air and noise.
  • Large Eye port for improved range of vision.
  • DuPont™ Coolmax™ COMFORT LINER AND CHEEK PADS the moisture away from your body and the fabric dries quickly. The added performance keepsyou dry and comfortable.
  • Removable/washable interior and adjustable cheek pads allow for more comfortable sizing.
  • Deluxe ear pockets for better fit and comfort.
  • Built in speaker pockets for communication systems.
  • Soft padded chin strap.
  • Painted shell with high quality clear coat finish.
  • Includes helmet bag
  • Includes peak, long outer shield
  • Peak and shield cannot be used at the same time
  • Available Accessories Sold Separately: Optional/ removable jaw piece that changes quick and easy due to the "tool-less" design, Multi Functional rear L.E.D light, Multi Functional rear L.E.D light with Brake Light Function.

  • Below are the sizes of cheek pad installed in the helmet. If you looking to buy a replacement pair of cheek pads pls refer to the below sizing guide


    XS - 35MM

    S - 30MM




GMax GM67S Helmet Inner Shield Lens Removal

  1. Lower the inner shield by pushing the slider button located on the top of the helmet completely forward into the “service position”.
  2. The service position is achieved by pushing on the rearward part of the slider button and sliding it forward over and past the molded in channel that it rides in.
  3. When in the service position, the attachment arm that connect to the inner shield will be visible.
  4. Take a small, thin, round tool, and push on the attachment arm pin to disengage the arm from the inner shield.
  5. When the center attachment arm is free from the inner shield, grasp and pull straight out from the helmets eye port on each side of the inner shield to remove.

To install the outer shield: reverse the removal process.

Note: The sides of the inner shield are simply snapped into place. No tools are needed to remove or install.

GMax GM67S Helmet Outer Shield Lens Removal

  1. Raise the outer shield into the fully raised position.
  2. Locate the side ratchet plates that secure the shield to the helmet.
  3. Push down on the pin that locks the ratchet plate retaining arm into the secure position.
  4. As you push down on the pin, move the retaining arm on the ratchet plate on the open position. The shield will release from the ratchet plate when the retaining arm is in the open position.

To install the outer shield: reverse the removal process.

GMax GM67S Helmet Sizing

Helmet Sizing Information.We ask that you use the following information to help choose the proper size helmet. In order for a helmet to protect properly and be the most comfortable, it must be size to your head correctly.

To find the Correct size helmet for a person's head:

  1. Measure the head circumference one-inch above the eyebrows and ears
  2. Using the circumference measured, use the size chart below to find the approximate size
  3. Once you have tried on the helmet it should feel snug equally around the head. The helmet should not feel too tight or too loose at any point around head.

*** Please remember that all head shapes vary slightly and that this sizing chart is to be used as a starting guide, not an exact guide.

Metric cmInchesLetterNumber
53 - 54cm 21-1/4" - 21-5/8"XS 6-3/4 - 6-7/8
55 - 56cm22" - 22-7/16"S7 - 7-1/8
57 - 58cm 22-13/16" - 23-1/4"M 7-1/4 - 7-3/8
59 - 60cm 23-5/8" - 24"L 7-1/2 - 7-5/8
61 - 62cm 24-3/8" - 24-13/16"XL 7-3/4 - 7-7/8
63 - 64cm 25-3/16" - 25-5/8"XXL8 - 8-1/8
65 - 66cm26" - 26-3/8" XXXL 8-1/4 - 8-3/8
67 - 68cm 26-1/2" - 26-5/8" XXXXL 


You may hook up your helmet light to your brake light wirelessly. In order to do this, you must purchase the LED Brake Light Kit separately. The Light Kit pairs up similar to how Bluetooth pairing works. You can purchase brake light kits for the GM54, GM67 and the OF77 helmet models.

Most Helpful Reviews :

GMax GM67S And Customer Service

by - verified purchaser
As usual, Jafrum met and exceeded my expectaions on customer service. Quick shipment and no damage. The helmet fits well. Like other reviews recommend ordering 1 size larger than normal. Even with a windshield, the vents function very well. Only drawback is the "slide" for the internal visor. It could be better designed to "lock" in place.

Was this review helpful?

Love This Helmet!

by - verified purchaser
I bought this helmet in solid blue. To start with, the size chart does run small, it said I was a medium, but after reading reviews, I went with a large. It fit perfectly. The sun visor is great, the face shield gives you extra protection and the helmet is full of vents to help your head stay cool. I bought the extra LED that install in the back, not very bright during the day, but extremely visible during darker driving hours. The helmet does a good job of blocking out much road noises. This helmet deserves more than 5 stars, for the money and for the excellent features you are getting, what more do you want? Big thanx to Jafrum for making the shipping lighting fast!

Was this review helpful?

Saved My Head

by - verified purchaser
Only 5 weeks with new helmet but was worth every penny. Got cut off, laid bike down but still hit the car. My head hit the pavement, then the car. A neck strain but my head was still intact. New liner & faceshield and I'll be good to go! This helmet came through with flying colors!

Was this review helpful?

Great price !! Very comfortable !! Fast shipping!!

by - verified purchaser
Ordered our helmets ,we received in 2 days !! WOW !! They're very comfortable ,detachable attachments are awesome !!

Was this review helpful?

GMax GM67S Solid

by - verified purchaser
Great helmet, size chart runs small, ordered one size larger, perfect fit. also ordered the light kit on a whim, the directions for instalation leave a little to be desired, but once in the helmet very nice. this is the second Gmax I have purchased, got one for My granddaughter last yr., for when she wants to take a ride

Was this review helpful?

Jafrum Great to deal with

by - verified purchaser
Vert nice helment had to send back for larger size. No problem what so ever Jafrum took care of it.

Was this review helpful?

Get it and stop shopping

by - verified purchaser
Shopped around for a helmet and for the $$ this was far and above the rest ..too many extras to mention....flat black is the way to go ....many compliments..and when you add the light component pretty cool ..light not really effective during the day but after dark it stands out and is really cant go wrong for the $$

Was this review helpful?

Great helmet for the price

by - verified purchaser
I really like all of the vents. Appears to be very well made. Pull down sun visor works great. One of the things I was worried about was wind noise, but there is very little noise.

Was this review helpful?

A Thumbs Up

by - verified purchaser
I agree with some of the previous reviews that the helmet is on the smaller size. I probably should have gone for one size up. The speaker pockets do not work as they are very small. I had to remove some of the foam in order to seat the speakers properly as they were pressing directly against my ears. I like the flip down visor...the top mounted slide works very well. Overall a very good helmet.

Was this review helpful?

GMAX GM67S Helmet

by - verified purchaser
I recently purchased the GM67S Helmet after reading all the reviews I could. Most reviews stated that you should buy the next size larger. I agree totally. I purchased the complete jaw set to go with the helmet and I had to go from Medium to an XL. The sizes do run small for me. The helmet fits well, the sun shield works well and is very functional. The clear shield that comes with the helmet blocks out a lot of wind and works well. When I add the jaw piece the helmet definitely feels tighter. I found the material below the chin bar will hinder remover of the helmet when attached. The material above the chin bar that deflects the wind touches the nose and will contribute to fogging up the clear shield unless you crack the shield. The seal between the jaw piece and the shield seal well and keep out the wind. Overall I am satisfied with the helmet.

Was this review helpful?

I Love This Helmet

by - verified purchaser
I love this helmet. It fits well and was a good price. I have recommended this helmet to family and friends. I really like that the helmet has sunglasses that is my favorite feature. This is a great buy.

Was this review helpful?

Love This Helmet

by - verified purchaser
I wear a small in a skid lid and also wear a small in this helmet. So, I am not sure about getting a bigger size as other people said. It does get more comfy with use. I ordered the optional jaw piece to go with it for added safety. I love the sun shield. This is a great price for a great helmet.

Was this review helpful?

GMax Helmet great helmet

by - verified purchaser
This is a great helmet. The retractable sun shield comes in very handy. I bought one for myself and my wife. We both ordered a size larger than our measurements and that worked out great. Customer service was great.

Was this review helpful?

GMAX 67s Helmet Review

by - verified purchaser
Great helmet, got the jaw piece and the brake light too. Much warmer than a 1/2 helmet, and the bake light works great as well. Highly recommend.

Was this review helpful?

GMax 67S Helmet

by - verified purchaser
This 67s has all anyone could desire including high quality with ample ventilation. The built in sunscreen is outstanding. This helmet is well worth the money and JAFRUMS quick service is to be commended. A HAPPY CUSTOMER.

Was this review helpful?

Very Nice Helmet

by - verified purchaser
Excellent shipping time, great helmet. I take a hat size 7 1/4 so I bought a Medium and it fits perfect. I live in AZ so the vents on the helmet (mine is white) really help out. My head stays cool. Love the built-in sun visor. Helmet is also light.

Was this review helpful?

GMax GM67S Best Deal

by - verified purchaser
Great helmet, comfortable, cool, shields a real plus. Size chart a bit small. Great value

Was this review helpful?

GMax GM67S Helmet Review

by - verified purchaser
Excellent helmet!! Works Perfectly and wife has already used on 600+ mile trip through rain without any problems..Fits great, no road or wind noices!

Was this review helpful?

Very Pleased

by - verified purchaser
Beautiful helmet and well worth the money. I paid almost twice that for less quality when I started riding.

Was this review helpful?

GMax GM67S Solid Review

by - verified purchaser
This is my second gmax helmet. Bought one for wife and me installed, works great. Most important the boss (wife) love how it fits.Great buy AWESOME

Was this review helpful?