GMax OF77 Classic Helmet.

The all NEW OF77 helmet is based off of the very successful GM67. Features the all new Spa Soft and Coolmax interior and multidensity cheek pads. The OF77 is like having two helmets in one. It Offers the comfort of an open helmet, plus it quickly and easily converts to a full face helmet for those looking for increased protection and comfort with the installation of the optional jaw piece

GMax OF77 Helmet Features

  • Lightweight DOT approved Thermo-Plastic Alloy shell.
  • Inner sunshield is easily raised or lowered with a lever located on the exterior of the helmet.
  • Inner sunshield has some of the best anti-fogging coating technology available today.
  • New cheek pads feature a multi-density foam construction creating a superior fit.
  • The optional removable jaw piece changes are quick and easy due to “tool-less” design.
  • SPC top front vents/interior and styro designed for a controlled air flow.
  • GMAX “D.E.V.S” adjustable Dual Exhaust Venting System, top, side and rear venting reduces fogging and sweating by allowing hot air to escape from the mouth area and top head.
  • Large eye port for improved peripheral and range of vision.
  • ALL NEW Spa Soft, Coolmax comfort liner and cheek pads move the moisture away from your body and the fabric dried quickly. The added performance keeps your dry and comfortable.
  • Removable/washable interior and adjustable cheek pads allow for more comfortable sizing.
  • Deluxe ear pockets with built in space for speakers for use of communication systems.
  • Soft Padding chin strap.
  • Painted shell with high quality clear coat finish.
  • Helmet bad included.
  • Optional New and improved LED light Kit.

GMax OF77 Helmet Inner Shield Lens Removal

  1. Lower the inner shield lens by pushing the slider (located at the left side of helmet) forward into the fully open position.
  2. As the inner shield lens into the fully open position, pull the inner shield lens out straight from the helmet eye port (next to the inner shield lens) first. Remove the left side of the inner shield lens first.

To install the outer shield: reverse the removal process.

Note: The sides of inner shield lens simply snap lens into place, no tools are needed to remove or install.

GMax OF77 Helmet Outer Shield Lens Removal

  1. Raise the outer shield into the fully raised position.
  2. Locate the side ratchet plates that secure the shield to the helmet.
  3. Push down on the pin that locks the ratchet plate retaining arm into the secure position.
  4. As you push down on the pin, move the retaining arm on the ratchet plate on the open position. The shield will release from the ratchet plate when the retaining arm is in the open position.

To install the outer shield: reverse the removal process.

GMax OF77 Helmet Sizing

Helmet Sizing Information. We ask that you use the following information to help choose the proper size helmet. In order for a helmet to protect properly and be the most comfortable, it must be size to your head correctly.

To find the Correct size helmet for a person's head:

  1. Measure the head circumference one-inch above the eyebrows and ears
  2. Using the circumference measured, use the size chart below to find the approximate size
  3. Once you have tried on the helmet it should feel snug equally around the head. The helmet should not feel too tight or too loose at any point around head.

*** Please remember that all head shapes vary slightly and that this sizing chart is to be used as a starting guide, not an exact guide.

Metric cmInchesLetterNumber
53 - 54cm 21-1/4" - 21-5/8"XS 6-3/4 - 6-7/8
55 - 56cm22" - 22-7/16"S7 - 7-1/8
57 - 58cm 22-13/16" - 23-1/4"M 7-1/4 - 7-3/8
59 - 60cm 23-5/8" - 24"L 7-1/2 - 7-5/8
61 - 62cm 24-3/8" - 24-13/16"XL 7-3/4 - 7-7/8
63 - 64cm 25-3/16" - 25-5/8"XXL8 - 8-1/8
65 - 66cm26" - 26-3/8" XXXL 8-1/4 - 8-3/8
67 - 68cm 26-1/2" - 26-5/8" XXXXL 


You may hook up your helmet light to your brake light wirelessly. In order to do this, you must purchase the LED Brake Light Kit separately. The Light Kit pairs up similar to how Bluetooth pairing works. You can purchase brake light kits for the GM54, GM67 and the OF77 helmet models.

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Most Helpful Reviews :

Great Helmet

by - verified purchaser
Ordered one for myself, and I love it. Color matched my 04 Goldwing perfectly in wine. Size was spot on for me. The air vents circulate enough air to tingle scalp and mess up hair, haha. Wear a breathable head piece. Does not create a lot of air noise. Inner shield comes down farther than any other helmet that I have. I actually use this one. My wife loved it so much she wanted one too. Her size fit too.

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Its An Awesome Helmet

by - verified purchaser
This helmet has a nice and tight fit, just the way i like it. Love the pockets at the sides for slotting in your bluetooth speakers. Really good feature right there. The sun visor comes in handy during the day and its easy to operate even with gloves on. One downside I find that would be a problem to some riders is that, if you're using a clamp on bracket for your bluetooth device, you probably wont have space on your left side because of the sun visors' switch and would have to settle for the right side. I use a sticky mount though, so i'm fine putting it right under the switch. One last thing, the GMAX OF77 also has a complete jaw set that you can attach that could offer more protection from the seasons and also in the event of a crash. That being said, i think its an awesome helmet overall. Would recommend it.

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Love This GMax Helmet

by - verified purchaser
The fit is very comfortable and has no noise. With the face shield down it practically seals out and diverts the wind. Great buy.

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