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HJC CL-17 Helmet.

The HJC CL-17 Helmet has an elegant design made to attract the eye of any rider out there. The HJC CL-17 motorcycle helmet meets or exceeds both SNELL and D.O.T. standards and comes with many different features like fully removable crown and cheek pads for washing as well as the Rapid Fire II™ quick replacement shield system to allow for quick changes from a tinted shield to a clear one when riding in transition from day to night.

HJC CL-17 Helmet Features

  • Anti-Scratch Pinlock® ready Faceshield (HJ-09): New 3D design provides 95% U.V. protection. Side shield lock mechanism for a ultra-secure seal. For ultimate Anti-Fog system add a optional Pinlock® insert (sold separately)

  • Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell: Lightweight,superior fit and comfort using advanced CAD technology

  • RapidFire™ Shield Replacement System: Simple and secure shield ratchet system provides ultra-quick, tool-less removal and installation for efficient operation. 2-Stage shield closure system with one-touch center open/close shield locking system makes for an extremely tight and secure seal

  • “ACS” Advanced Channeling Ventilation System: Full front to back airflow flushes heat and humidity up and out

  • SuperCool® Moisture-Wicking Interior: Fully removable cheek pads and liner. Anti-Bacterial Fabric. All sizes of cheek pads are interchangeable in all helmets

  • Meets or Exceeds SNELL & D.O.T. Standards Note: Sizes 3XL-5XL D.O.T. approved only.

HJC CL-17 Helmet Sizing

Wrap a tape measure horizontally around your forehead. Select the helmet that is the closest fit to that size. A helmet should fit snug on your head. If it moves while wearing, it is too large. If it is painful to wear, it is too small.

Size Chart



Hat Size



54-556 3/4 - 6 7/821 1/4 - 21 5/8


56-577 - 7 1/822 - 22 1/2


58-597 1/4 - 7 3/822 7/8 - 23 1/4


60-617 1/2 - 7 5/823 5/8 - 24


62-637 3/4 - 7 7/824 3/8 - 24 3/4


63-648 - 8 1/825 1/4 - 25 5/8


65-668 1/8 - 8 1/425 5/8 - 26


67-688 3/8 - 8 1/226 3/8 - 26 3/4


69-708 3/4 - 8 3/427 1/4 - 27 5/8

3 stars
2 stars
1 star

Most Helpful Reviews :

HJCCL17 Mystic Review

by - verified purchaser
This helmet was sold out everywhere else, but Jafrum had it in stock! Great helmet for riding solo and with my fiancé. Lightweight, comfortable, secure and cute!

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Very Impressed!

by - verified purchaser
I am already a satisfied HJC helmet owner using my 5 year old CL-SP almost on every ride. What I liked even more about the CL-17 is not only is it smaller in physical size, the XL fits my head even more snug than my CL-SP did new. Being a perfect XL head size 24 3/8 round oval head shape, this helmet fits like it was custom fitted. When I first put it on, it was tight so I wore it for 15 minutes or so to be sure the first time I went off for a ride I didn't end up with a pressure point or headache. On my first ride, no problems at all. Fit so perfect! Also I was very very pleased with the yellow! I was afraid from some of the videos I have seen of it that it would be a bit pale. Not the case. Actually I'd love to paint my 40 Ford pickup this shade of yellow it's so attractive. 100% satisfied, considering buying another CL-17 in Black from Jafrum of course!

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Great Buy

by - verified purchaser
Very nice helmet. Good fit and right on with measurements. I am right between L - XL and went with L. Quite tight at first but getting better with wear. Face shield operates well. Good venting. Fogs a bit at stops, slow speeds but dissipates when moving.

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HJC CL-17 Review

by - verified purchaser
I bought two of these helmets. One for my wife and one for myself and we both love them! Lightweight and very appealing for the price! Awesome fit as well!

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Great Helmet

by - verified purchaser
Bought this helmet in matte black and I love it. Fit is great, comfortable liner. Face shield is easy to remove and replace. I wear big glasses and this helmet still has room for them. I added a tinted shield to my order because I don't wear sunglasses and I am very satisfied with both.

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Value In A Helmet

by - verified purchaser
Great price, sturdy well padded a fit perfect. Pin lock anti fog visor affordable because of the low price. Yellow is really hi-vis which is great. I have a more expensive helmet but this helmet is a great 2nd lid I can rain ride or mistreat. DOT and Snell. What's not to like?

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HJC CL-17 Helmet Review

by - verified purchaser
Very comfortable fit, and sizing chart worked perfectly. Excellent ventilation, and helmet shields noise well. A little hard to put glasses on after putting helmet on - that is my only complaint.

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HJC CL-17 Redline Helmet ( GREAT PRICE )

by - verified purchaser
Best helmet I've ever owned. Lightweight , watertight. plenty of ventalization. Highly recommend purchasing

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The CL17 is the successor to the (you guessed it) CL16 and is available in 9 sizes. The first six, xs-2xl are DOT and Snell 2010 certified. The plus sizes, 3xl-5xl, are only DOT approved. To be clear, the 3-5x sizes did not fail the Snell testing, they have not been tested. This is an effort by the manufacture to keep the price down. The headform of this helmet is described by HJC as being neutral to round. The CL17 is available in a whopping Six solid colors and four graphics with multiple color options per graphic. To see all the different color choices in detail, click the link below to go to our website.

There are numerous improvements that have been made to HJC’s middle of the line full face. The shell material, the polycarbonate composite, is familiar, but the shape of the shell is all new. See, HJC has their own wind tunnel now, so most of their street line is getting an aerodynamic overhaul. This affects more than just buffeting and wind resistance. Shell weight, ventilation effectiveness, and even shield fog management are all optimized with the new design. Ventilation is probably the most improved feature element on the new 17. There are now ten total intake and exhaust vents, which is up from six on the previous model. Now, honestly, I’m not sure how they came to ten, I only get nine, or eleven, or seven depending on whether or not some of these vents are counted as two, but I went to public school so hey…Just kidding. The point is, the ventilation on the CL17 is dramatically improved. The chin vent is pretty standard, it flows air to the shield for fog management. The eyebrow vent is totally new. This vent also directs air to the shield, but directly to the forehead as well. The top vents are now able to direct air all the way through the helmet, thanks again to the wind tunnel, and also the new channeling in the duel density eps liner. The exhaust venturis on the chin bar are actually functional on this model, and the exhaust spoiler does a great job of creating negative lift and evacuating hot, moist air.

The shield on the CL17 should look pretty familiar. This is the same Pin lock prepared HJ09 shield found on many other helmets in HJC’s lineup through the last few years. The benefit to having a widely used shield system is that if you break or scratch one up somehow out on the road, chances are, you will be able to find one locally and you can get fixed up quickly.

Another improvement to the CL17 is the new liner. The Speedcool system has been replaced by the new Supercool system. Basically, they are using a softer, plusher, higher quality feeling material. It still has the same great wicking characteristics and glasses grooves for wearing glasses as the previous version, but with a more comfortable feel. They have also improved the liner snaps. They are made of a new, more durable material and are easier to locate for pad installation. Another smart new liner feature is that the padding has the same snap configuration for each helmet size. That means that the cheakpads are now completely interchangeable for a customizable fit.