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Joe Rocket Atomic Boots.

Joe Rocket Atomic Boot Features

  • 95% Leather, 5% synthetic (Leather construction)
  • Reinforced shifter zone
  • Replaceable toe slider
  • Low profile toe box
  • Peg-Friendly sole sculpture
  • Double stitching in all stress areas
  • Padded ankle cuff for added comfort
  • Rear pull loop

Joe Rocket Atomic Boot Sizing

Measuring Instructions :

  • Use a ruler or tape measurer to measure your foot ( from the heel to the tip of your longest toe).
  • Find the closest measurement, in inches, that is equal to or greater than the length of your foot.

Ensure Accuracy :

  • To ensure an accurate reading when measuring, flatten your foot by shifting your weight forward.
  • If your measurement is between two sizes, always move up to the larger size.
  • Be sure to measure both feet. Fit to the larger of the two.

Size Chart

Us Size Euro Size

5 stars
3 stars
2 stars
1 star

Most Helpful Reviews :

Atomic Shoes By Joe Rocket

by - verified purchaser
The Joe Rocket Atomic shoes are more basketball sneaker style than traditional riding boots. Heavy leather construction, the boot uses no laces, but the two straps (one adjustable ski-boot type binding and one Velcro style strap help secure the boot to your foot. The sizing of the shoes is a tad bit more than a half size larger than listed(I wear an 11.5 and the 11 fits well). This is my second pair, the first had some mfg flaw that had an obtrusive piece of material that was digging into my toes on the right shoe. I immediately got on the line ( I had only put the shoes on at my work desk for 10 mins before I couldn't stand the discomfort any longer). I contacted the Customer Service team and and they were quick to set up the return shipping back to Jafrum and a few days later I had another pair that now fit great, many thanks Customer Support, you guys ROCK!!! The shoes are really stiff so I am wearing them around my apartment to help break in this thick leather. Since I'm in Wisconsin it's not biking weather....yet! So I've yet to wear them on the road, but as soon as I do I'll be back to comment on that and durability! Would I recommend these? YES! is my immediate response, while there is no true protection for the ankles ( my only complaint about the shoe so far) the toe box is solid, the rubberized part covering the top of the shoe protecting it from your shifter looks great. Then there is the sliders on the outside of the shoe, me personally I think it looks great and don't mind the stares I'll get at the office, note if you order the white shoes the slider is highly noticeable, not so much on the black. Finally the shoes seem a bit warm and have a semi stiff sole. Another example of Joe Rocket quality and style and at $108, well worth the price.

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The new Joe Rocket Atomic riding shoes are perfect for the sport rider looking for a lightweight option for the street, with a sporty look, and the snug, precise fit of a buckle closure. These Atomic shoes are available in five different colorways on two different colored chassis. There are three colorways on white, including this white and red, and two colorways on black. The fit is roomy, but precise, thanks to the adjustable buckle on the instep and the Velcro strap across the ankle. The chassis is made of split leather, and while split leather will not have quite the longevity of a full or top grain leather material, the quality of the material is still very high, and all the stressed seams are double stitched. These shoes aren’t stiff or plastic feeling at all, and the choice of materials allows this boot to have all the rest of the features I’m about to show you, and still stay under a hundred and twenty bucks.

The name of the game with these Atomics is feel. Everything about this boot is designed to promote good feel of the bikes controls. The toebox is low profile, and protected by a grippy shifter pad. While we’re looking at it, the outside of the foot is protected by a removable and replaceable vinyl toe slider. The soles of these shoes are unusual feeling, but I like them. They feature what Joe Rocket calls their Peg Friendly sole sculpture, which basically gives you a balanced feel no matter where your foot is on the peg. They also have a feature here on the sole that gives the shoe excellent grip against the shifter and brake pedals.

These Atomic shoes are also very comfortable. If you open the boot up, you can see the extensive padding throughout the tongue and ankle areas. There is no armor to protect the ankle areas, but the extensive padding will at least help some at street speeds. The insole is also fairly thick, making it excellent at absorbing shock, and the rear of the shoe has three reflectives across the heel, increasing your visibility in low light conditions.

All in all, the new Joe Rocket Atomic shoe is a fantastic option for the sport street rider looking for advanced riding shoe tech in a relatively low cost option.