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Joe Rocket RX14 Super Street Boots.

Joe Rocket RX14 Boot Features

  • Split grain leather construction
  • Water resistant
  • Articulated ankle design for added mobility
  • Reinforced ankle for increased lateral rigidity for increased protection
  • Injection molded polymeric heel armor
  • Variable closed cell foam cushioning throughout
  • Low profile toe box
  • Reinforced gear shift area
  • Peg-Friendly no-slip sole sculpture
  • TPU mid-sole reinforced with metal shank for improved distribution between stiffness and flexibility
  • Combined velcro & zipper enclosure reinforced by a ratchet strap for an ultra-secure fit
  • Replaceable magnesium toe sliders
  • Antibacterial replaceable insoles
  • Available in sizes 7-13 including 9.5

Joe Rocket RX14 Boot Sizing

Measuring Instructions :

  • Use a ruler or tape measurer to measure your foot ( from the heel to the tip of your longest toe).
  • Find the closest measurement, in inches, that is equal to or greater than the length of your foot.

Ensure Accuracy :

  • To ensure an accurate reading when measuring, flatten your foot by shifting your weight forward.
  • If your measurement is between two sizes, always move up to the larger size.
  • Be sure to measure both feet. Fit to the larger of the two.

Size Chart

Us Size Euro Size

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These new Joe Rocket Super Street RX14 boots are one of my favorite pairs of street riding boots to come out this year. They’re comfortable, packed with features, and Joe Rocket kept the price below a hundred and eighty bucks, so they are an excellent value. The uppers are made of split leather, but it’s of good quality. They don’t feel stiff or have that plastic feel like most split leather has, and the carefully chosen materials are what make this boot so reasonably priced.

The fit of these RX14 boots is pretty standard American. They have a generous cut that will accommodate E width feet comfortably. Adding to the comfort factor is this combination zip, Velcro and buckle closure. You get the speed and easy on and off of the Velcro and zipper closure on the medial side, with the precise fit of a buckle system on the lateral side of the boot. There is also an expansion joint built into the medial side panel to add to the flexibility. On the back at the top, is a branded rubber panel that is designed to cling to the bottoms of your riding pants. If you open the boot up, you can see the water resistant gaiter, the moisture wicking liner, and the replaceable antibacterial insoles.

These Super Street boots offer protection in the way of a reinforced toebox with a shifter pad and replaceable magnesium toe sliders. There is some light armor in the shin area, next to the debossed logo, with some heavier armor in the medial and lateral side ankle areas. The heel of the foot is protected by this vented injection molded polymeric heel armor. This armor not only absorbs shock in an impact, but it also helps the boot to slide instead of grab in a crash. Less tumbling means less broken body parts, which is obviously a good thing.

The last feature I want to show you on these new RX14 boots from Joe Rocket is the very unique sole construction. This sole is what Joe Rocket calls Peg Friendly. The curved shape of the sole provides a very stable relationship with your pegs. With a flat sole, if you roll your foot to one side of the other, the contact patch is drastically reduced, and moved to the outside edge of the foot. With a curved sole profile, the contact point remains large and closer to the center of the foot for better balance. The shape of the sole at the heel also promotes excellent boot balance on the pegs. The midsole of the boot is made of thermoplastic urethane and is reinforced with a steel shank for added longevity and protection.

All in all, these new Super Street RX14 motorcycle riding boots from Joe Rocket are a great choice for the street rider or sport tourer looking for a low priced, high value boot for the street.