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Oxford Oximiser 900 Battery Management System.

Oxford Oximiser 900 Battery Management System Features

  • The Oximiser 900 can be left permanently connected to provide long-term battery care
  • Suitable for all 12V battery types up to 30Ah including Lithium, Gel, MF and conventional lead and refillable batteries
  • Sophisticated battery management system provides real time information about the battery condition
  • Heavily discharged batteries as low as 4.1 V can be charged if the battery is not damaged
  • A professional switch mode charger designed to automatically maintain, optimize and prolong the life of any 12 volt battery

5 Stage Automatic Battery Management:

  1. Tests - battery connection polarity
  2. Analyses - battery & diagnoses condition
  3. Recovers - heavily discharged batteries
  4. Bulk Charges - low batteries quickly
  5. Maintains - a low current if voltage drops below set limit

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