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Shark Raw Trinity Helmet.

The SHARK Raw was designed to surprise and create a rupture in line with SHARK'S DNA to innovate the first carbon helmet and first modular helmet. Impose your other side! That is the trademark of the SHARK Raw. It will reveal your other side, the wildest part of your personality. To wear a SHARK Raw is to assume a very strong aesthetic challenge, it is to show a high valued image. Because you can also drive a bike without being a biker, just to avoid traffic congestion and public transport, conserving your commitment to distinguish yourself by your looks! More than just a helmet, this is an essential accessory to your style, your own brand of self-esteem. With the SHARK Raw you will get back to your biker mythology, freedom......impose your other side!

Shark Raw Helmet Features

  • Constructed from injected thermoplastic resin
  • 2 shell sizes :optimal morphological adjustment
  • Comfortable natural fiber interior and ventilation system using air vents and diffusers
  • Quick Release Goggle System
  • Double anti-fog and anti-scratch visor
  • Face protection mask
  • Aerodynamic outer shell
  • Goggles fit comfortably even when wearing glasses
  • DOT Certified

Shark Raw Helmet Sizing

To determine helmet size: Measure around head one inch above eyebrows and across the largest portion on the back of the head and use the following cross reference chart.

Size Chart

Size Measurement (in)
XS 20.9-21.3
SM 21.7-22
MD 24.4-22.8
LG 23.2-23.6
XL 24-24.4

3 stars
2 stars
1 star

Most Helpful Reviews :

Follow Up On Shark Helmet

by - verified purchaser
I have been wearing this helmet to ride now for 1 year and this is my go to helmet. This helmet is noisy over 45mph but I believe honestly that every helmet I own is. The goggles never fog, the airflow is supreme in and around the face without being too extreme, and I like how the helmet moves in airflow. I have not experienced any issues with my peripheral vision and honestly couldn't be happier.

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Shark Raw Blank Helmet Review

by - verified purchaser
Great Helmet. A+ for Style, A+ for weight. Some people complain about wind noise but I find it fine. You have to remember its an open faced helmet. Note, the rubber airflow plug has been removed its now a slide on the top of the helmet.

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Shark Raw Blank Helmet Review

by - verified purchaser
I just received my Shark RAW helmet in the mail, it came super fast, 2 days I think; The helmet I ordered is a size Medium and that is normally what I wear in both Scorpion and ICON. The Medium is a bit snug; however, from experience I know that the padding with compress and it will loosen up a bit. I would say it is true to size if you have a good round head, which is what I have and what this helmet seems to be made for. I wore it around the house with the face shield and goggles on and it seemed easy enough to breath through. It is winter here now so no chance to ride it around and test it out for things like airflow and blind spots, etc. Will come back and add more on that later.

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Shark Raw Blank Helmet Review

by - verified purchaser
I just received and it looks great and I ordered a size larger and it fits great. Goggles fit over glasses but I'm concerned about the quality of the rubber attachment system especially the mouth cover... its poorly designed and I hope replacements are available and reasonably priced because it can't last. I'll update after some use but I'm concerned.

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My mean helmet

by - verified purchaser
I just got my Shark Raw black helmet in a week and a half, a little delay due to the holidays. The helmet use good quality materials and it is very comfortable. I ordered this one because I wear glasses and the goggles fit and seal perfect all over the place. Now, my only complain is the noise over 40 mph. Sometime I have to wear earplugs when I ride on the hwy otherwise I love it.

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Had Used This Helmet For Over Two Years

by - verified purchaser
After owning this helmet for 2+ years and riding over 12,000 miles with it on my noggin, I think I can give a fair assessment. In a nut shell 1. It looks awesome and I've had people want to photo it because of its looks. 2. It is not a full face helmet and does not pretend to be. It is DOT 3/4 helmet. 3. The face shield is pliable and will offer little protection in a fall but it has saved me from major shots to the face from debris kicked up and June bugs that normally feel like meteorites traveling at Mach II. 4. It is a bit noisy at highway speeds so additional ear protection is advisable on long trips. (This is common sense in my book). 5. Some reviews have questioned the long term durability of the google foam. I have experienced no deterioration of said foam and "yes" I do move the google/mask up onto the helmet. I just do not leave it in the stretched, up position long term. The helmet came with a tinted lens google. I ordered a clear lens (pricey) because night riding with the tinted lens is dicey but, the googles fit comfortably over my sunglasses for daytime rides. 6. With time the elastic google straps became "stretched" but I discovered an adjustment never mentioned or reviewed. If you remove the side covers to reveal the elastic attachment points, there are multiple slots sewn into the elastic that allow you to move a small removable pin to tighten or loosen the stretchiness. I wonder why no one has ever mentioned this. Bottom line: I love the helmet. It broke in to fit perfectly. It looks cool. And, I will buy another one if I ever wear this one out.

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The Raw helmet is an exceptionally unique yet functional offering from Shark. It features an injection molded thermoplastic resin shell, a hypoallergenic and moisture wicking bamboo liner, and of course, the revolutionary removable mask and Carl Zeiss goggle system. Let's take a look at some of the graphics...

The Raw is available in five different style options with multiple color ways per style. They are called Blank, which are there solid colors, Stripe, Soyouz, Trinity, and Michalak.

The Blank helmet color ways consist of gloss black, gloss white, and matte black. These are helmets that are going to look great with any gear and will really benefit from one of the sharp looking goggle upgrades.

The stripe graphic is available in orange with a black stripe, red with a white stripe, and flat black with a white stripe. The stripes are askew on the helmet and start above the right eye and extend across the top of the helmet to the back where they have incorporated some Shark branding.

Next we have the Soyouz graphic. Some people think that the Soyouz graphic is named after the famous Russian Spacecraft combo, but it isn't. I'll explain. You can see here some Russian words across the top and sides of the helmet. I'm not going to try to pronounce these words for you because my Russian is so fluent that sometimes even Russians are like, could you slow down. But, I can tell you the words meaning. They mean motorcycles are really fun and awesome and Shark Helmets will bring a lifetime of happiness to you and everyone. Google Translate doesn't even know that. Trust me.

The Soyouz is available in two color ways, a matte black with bluish grey writing and stars, and a tan version with flat black areas with red stars and silver writing. These helmet graphics definitely give the Raw helmet the cosmonaut feel, and will look great with whatever your piloting.

Next, we have the Trinity Graphic. The Trinity is available in three really sharp color ways; gloss black with bright red graphics, a gloss army green color with tan graphics, and gloss white with charcoal colored graphics. The graphics consist of a wing like shape that extends from the cover plate and seems to originate from the goggle strap, and there is Shark branding on the back of the helmet that has a patinated look to it.

Finally, we have the Michalak graphic. Frederic Michalak is a star rugby player from France who also played a short stint in South Africa for a team called, you guessed it, the Sharks. Apparently, Fred also designs great looking helmet graphics. The helmet is primarily flat black and silver with areas of small, tightly spaced pinstripes and subtle accents of bright blue on the forehead and back of the neck. A crest is featured on the back of the helmet, with a rugby ball in the center that dons a crown on the top and wings on the sides.