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Sidi Street Burner Boots.

Sidi Street Burner Boots Features

  • Low cut design.
  • External ankle brace system.
  • Composite inner sole.
  • Tecno-II buckle system for a perfect glove like fit.
  • Bolt on (no Velcro!) replaceable, adjustable and aerodynamic nylon scuff pads on the toe.
  • Top Grain leather outer construction.
  • Removable arch support.
  • Double stitched in all high stress areas.
  • Closable air vent.
  • All bolt on parts are replaceable.
  • Dual compound sole.
  • DuPont polymer toe shift pad.
  • Perforated Teflon treated nylon lining.
  • Shock absorbing heel cup.

“Due to Motonation's Policies SIDI Boots cannot be sold outside of USA”.

Sidi Street Burner Boots Sizing

Sidi boots are built on a “D” width unless noted as a “Mega” version in which the width is “EE” For more information on Sidi products, including sizing, please visit

Size Chart

Euro Size Us Men Us Women
363-3 1/24 1/2-5
374-4 1/25 1/2-6
385-5 1/26 1/2-7
395-5 1/27-7 1/2
406 1/2-78-8 1/2
417-7 1/28 1/2-9
428-8 1/29 1/2-10
439-9 1/210 1/2-11
449 1/2-10 11-11 1/2
4510 1/2-11 12-12 1/2
4611 11 1/212 1/2-13
47 12-12 1/2-
48 13-13 1/2-

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This is a really cool boot. You're getting many of the features of a pro level race boot but in a light weight, high top package that can be worn under the cuff of jeans or riding pants.

Probably the most notable of all the features is the techno II System. This system provides not only offers a perfect fit but also added safety. Many toe injuries are caused by the foot getting smooshed into the toe of the boot in a crash. This closure system prevents that. The smooshing that is. Not the crashing. To operate the system, you simply attach the lever release mechanism. Flip up the lever and rotate the dial clockwise to get the desired fit. To release the buckle, lift up on the release lever. Loosen the system back up using the button on the side of the dial. To make sure these boots don't get looser while you are riding, make sure you get the wires into their little tracks when you are tightening them up. The Velcro strap on the instep fastens to provide ankle support. One feature I really like about this strap that I'm not even sure was intentional but I think is great is that this strap is reversible. You can fasten the strap behind the boot when you're off the bike for a little extra room without looking like a kid with their shoes untied. The materials used in Sidi boots are also quite revolutionary. The Streetburner is constructed using a combination of their proprietary material called Technomicro, and a ballistic nylon. Technomicro is a manmade leather that is actually stronger than hide because it has little to no imperfections.

These motorcycle boots have numerous additional safety features as well. They have reinforced toe boxes, toe sliders, reinforced, shock absorbing heel cups, and a rigid ankle support system with built in sliders and an adjustable vent system. And, a simple Philips head screw driver is all you need to remove and replace nearly all of these items.

The interior of the boot features a nylon inner sole with removable arch support and and an air Teflon liner for moisture control and airflow.