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Tour Master Solution WP Air Road Boots.

Tour Master Boots Features

  • Water-repellent leather and PU upper
  • HiPora waterproof air membrane allows warm air to escape and keeps water from entering
  • Reflective panel on rear area for night time safety
  • VR single density compound sole for reliable grip
  • Auto lock zipper covered with adjustable Velcro flap
  • Leather stretch panels for better comfort and durability
  • Molded nylon shin and ankle guard backed with shock absorbing material
  • Shock absorbing latex foam on flex panels
  • TPU shift pad
  • TecnoGI thermoplastic heel cup and toe cap
  • Preformed orthopedic vibration absorbing foot bed

Tour Master Boots Sizing

The above gauge is to be used as a sizing Guide only Be sure to consider weight distribution, body proportion and garment design when selecting a suitable size. For optimum fit and control, be sure the SHOES/BOOTS fit snugly

US SizeEuro Size

Determine Standard/Wide Shoes
U.S Men's Shoe Size D (Medium/Standard)E Wide
6 3.5"3.7"
6.5 3.6"3.8"
7 3.6"3.8"
7.5 3.7"3.9"
8 3.8"3.9"
8.5 3.8"4.0"
9 3.9"4.1"
9.5 3.9"4.1"
10 4.0"4.2"
10.5 4.1"4.3"
11 4.1"4.3"
11.5 4.2"4.4"
12 4.3"4.4"
12.5 4.3"4.5"
13 4.4"4.6"
13.5 4.4"4.8"
14 4.5"4.9"
14.5 4.6"4.9"
15 4.6"5

3 stars
2 stars
1 star

Most Helpful Reviews :

Great Fit And Great Experience

by - verified purchaser
We had a great experience. The woman that waited on us was extremely helpful and so pleasant! I was able to purchase exactly what I came in for and the fit is perfect! Thank you......

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Great Boots

by - verified purchaser
I have only worn them twice but they were comfortable both times. Last time I drove for over two hours and hardly knew I was wearing them. So great fit and comfortable. Have not tried them in rain yet but the opening is well sealed so I expect they will keep my feet dry. It has zipper and Velcro which you open to put them on/take off. As always delivery was very prompt which I like a lot about Jafrum.

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Can't Go Wrong With Tour Master.

by - verified purchaser
Love my first gear boots for summer.But needed winter boots.So I tried Tourmaster boots for my winter riding. Glad I did. They are well made comfortable and easy to put on.

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TourMaster Solution WP Air Boots Mens Review

by - verified purchaser
Purchased for wear on a Goldwing. Boots fit perfect. Well constructed. Very comfortable on and off the bike. Feet stayed dry and warm during a 60-minute ride in rain and sleet. Boots were not comfortable above 90°.

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Tour Master Road Boots Review

by - verified purchaser
I had these boots out for their first road trip, a quickie overnight romp thru Eastern Washington. Here's the thing: I never really thought about them at all. Didn't think my feet were too hot or too cold, didn't think my feet were cramped or too loose, didn't think about them at rest stops walking around, didn't think about them riding along. And that's about the best review gear can get. No rain, so I can't review the waterproof aspect, but I can review the comfort of arriving to the campground and pulling them off with a rip of velcro and a pull of the zipper. Can't review crash worthiness, since I haven't crashed in them (yet - give me time) Overall, wouldn't you say that gear you don't really think about is just what you want? So, why just four stars, Biff? Because I never rate anything five stars. Five stars is reserved for gear that does more for me than I can describe in a family setting. Bottom line is: buy these, or buy the $300 boots. Your choice.

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Tour Master Solution WP Air Boots Review

by - verified purchaser
These are the most comfortable boots I've had the pleasure to use. They are light weight, easy to put on, not too hot in the mid-day sun, and warm at 45 degrees and 65 MPH. I had them on for 8 hours the first day of arrival right out of the box. I found the size chart to be accurate for me. I will buy these again when the need comes.

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The first boot on our bang for your buck list is the Cortech Latigo Air Boot. This is a mesh road race boot that is going to stack up against your Alpinestars S-MX 5’s or your Joe Rocket Speedmasters, but with a difference in price of up to a hundred dollars in some cases. These boots are all about comfort and connection to your motorcycle. They don’t have as rigid of a TPU material in the impact areas as the Alpinestars do, so they don’t offer quite as much crash protection, but the flexibility and feel for a road race style boot is amazing. They feature armored areas in the shins, and heels, and on the medial and lateral sides of the ankles that are connected across the back to give the boot some rigidity. They also feature flex areas on the instep and Achilles area, a reinforced shifter pad, and replaceable toe sliders. Overall, these are going to be a fantastic solution for someone looking to do some track days on a budget.

The next boot I want to show you is for the aggressive street rider looking for some extra protection, without the high cost of top grain leather. The Vega merge is a boot that is going to compare in style to the Joe Rocket Velocity VX2’s, the Speed and Strength Moment of Truth Shoe, or the AStars S-MX 1 Boot, but are made of much less expensive materials. The uppers are made of manmade leather and suede, and the toebox and heel don’t have as much reinforcement as the higher end brands do. They do, however, feature a replaceable TPU toe slider and a three part closure system for precision adjustability. They also have a nicely done oil resistant outer sole and a removable insole.

The next boot we have is a classic and a customer favorite, the Icon Patrol Waterproof Boot. This is a boot that is in a class all by itself. There are multiple styles of military shoes available from other companies, but they are all missing something compared to the Patrol Boots. Some are even less expensive, but they’re not waterproof, or they don’t have covered laces, or they are shorter, with only a single buckle. The Patrols feature a tall, rugged, oil resistant outer sole with a removable insole. You get a top grain leather upper with a reinforced toebox and heel cup. You have dual, adjustable metal buckles with covered, quick cinch laces with a waterproof gusset, and a moisture wicking liner to keep your feet cool. They’re available in black or brown, and will look awesome on or off the bike. Any way you slice it, these are very durable, high quality military style boots, that are competitively priced for all that you are getting.

Next we have a great choice for the cruiser guys, the Milwaukee Classic Harness Boots. These Milwaukee boots have all of the looks and style of brands that cost up to three times as much money. Seriously, check the price on the listing, you won’t believe it. They are constructed using a full grain leather upper, with detailed all metal hardware. They feature a slip and oil resistant outer sole with a removable, machine washable insole. The feature I like the best is that they added a zipper down the back of the boot. Now you have a boot that is easy to get on and off, but the placement of the zipper on the back doesn’t detract from the classic look of a harness style boot.

Now let’s take a look at one of the best values in touring boots, the TourMaster Solution 2.0 Waterproof Boots. These Solution 2.0’s have all the durability, wearability, and protection of boots that can cost nearly twice the money, and they do it by using high quality manmade materials instead of leather. The uppers are made of a polyurethane material. They only use leather where you really need it, in the flex panels on the instep and upper Achilles area. The boots are lined with a waterproof and breathable Hypora membrane, and there is plenty of protection in the form of a reinforced heel cup, shin plate, and toe box. The soles are high grip and oil resistant and the boots are easy to get on and off due to the zippered entry with a waterproof gusset that is protected by this Velcro panel.

Now, to be clear, a good value is not necessarily the least expensive version of any given product. A good value can sometimes be one of the more pricey versions. What makes an item a good value is the high quality of an item versus the price. Again, you’re looking for bang for the buck. These Alpinestars Joey waterproof shoes are a perfect example of a top of the line, bang for your buck riding shoe. These are a street styled shoe, obviously. So, some would argue that one fifty plus for a street shoe is a little excessive, that is until they take a closer look. This isn’t an ordinary shoe. First, the uppers of these shoes have a light wax treatment. This offers the first layer of the shoes waterproof characteristics and also helps keep the shoes from staining, features your Nike Air Force’s sure aren’t going to have. They also feature a waterproof, breathable liner - a final barrier to keep the water out.

In addition to the waterproofing, they also feature a substantial amount of protection. There are armored areas in the ankles, a reinforced toe box and heel cup, and an oil resistant and anti-slip sole. They do all this, while maintaining the look and comfort of an everyday street shoe that looks good with many different types of clothing styles.