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Tour Master Synergy 2.0 Heated Chap Liner.

Tour Master Chap Liner Features

  • Durable Taslan shell with a comfortable liner
  • 80g polyfill insulation increases warmth and heat retention
  • Lightweight and flexible steel fiber heating elements provide instant and even heat
  • A dual or single rheostat controller is available, which easily and accurately adjusts through a range of temperatures (sold separately)
  • A temperature sensor regulates the max and minimum temperatures and provides a constant temperature
  • Hook and loop adjustment leg panels allow for a snug and comfortable fit
  • Designed to be worn individually or connected to other Synergy® 2.0 garments
  • Easy on/off chap style design
  • Machine washable

Tour Master Chap Liner Sizing

HOW TO DETERMINE SIZE: Please measure the thickest part of your thigh (circumference around your thigh at the thickest part) using a cloth tape measure. Be sure to take this measurement with your jeans ON.

Size Chart

Size Waist Height Inseam
XS 28-30 5'7"-5'9" 30.5
SM 30-32 5'9"-5'10"31
MD 32-34 5'10"-5'11" 31.5
LG 34-36 5'11"-6'32T
XL 36-38 6'-6'1" 32.5
2XL 38-40 6'1"-6'3"33
3XL 40-42 6'3"-6'4"33
4XL 42-44 6'4"-6'5"33

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Most Helpful Reviews :

Tour Master Synergy 2 Chap Liner Review

by - verified purchaser
Purchased this for my wife. Previously we had purchased the Tourmaster Synergy heated vest for her, and these work off the dual controller which came with the vest. My wife is 5'2" and size 6-8 and the men's xtra small in vest and chap liners both fit her well. Heated stuff is expensive but it can make the difference between a great ride and a suffering ride. We are a little older so comfort and safety are a big deal to us when riding. Most of our gear has come from Jafrum because we just couldn't beat the price or service anywhere else. We ride a 2007 Yamaha Royal Star Venture, long rides. Don't use often, but great to have when the temp drops and we're far from home. Stuff's expensive but it's good.

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The Synergy 2.0 line offers two different pant options. They have a full pant and a pair of chaps. In this video, we are taking a look at the chaps. To see the pants video, click the link below to go to our website. Choosing to go with chaps vs pants has its pros and its cons. First, are a couple of cons. The chaps obviously don't have as much coverage as the full pant, there is no coverage in the rear end or in the backs of the knees. Also, they are also not wired like the pants for quick connection of the heated insoles. But there are also numerous pros. First, they are made using less material so they fold up smaller and take up less room in a saddle bag. Also, If you are wearing the heated chap liners beneath a pair of lined riding pants, the heat generated by the chaps is more than sufficient. This next pro is something you may not have ever considered but can be really handy and that is that you can take off the chap liners without taking your outer riding pants completely off because the closures are Velcro. If the liners get too warm, just unhook the closures and you can pull your chaps off through the waist of your pants. I strongly suggest that you do not try this maneuver with the full pant liners. It's a bad scene. Trust me. It's important to remember that neither the synergy 2.0 pants or the chaps come with a controller. This is an effort to keep the price down since most folks wearing heated chaps are probably also wearing a heated vest or jacket. Both of these come with a dual Rheostat controller so you would be covered. If you are not planning on wearing a vest or jacket, be sure to purchase a controller, a power lead, and a leg strap with your pants or chaps.

Connecting your chaps is easy. If you are using the chaps by themselves simply connect a power lead to your battery. Connect either a single or dual Rheostat controller to the chaps. After you have started your motorcycle, you can connect the controller to the power lead and adjust the controller to your desired setting. If you are wearing a vest or jacket liner, simply attach the male plug coming out of the pant to the female plug coming out of the jacket or vest.