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Vega Insight Helmet.

The Vega Insight Full Face Helmet is a great helmet that can be worn in both the USA and in Europe. It boasts of a six-position, optically correct, scratch-resistant shield. This is coupled with an interior drop-down visor which are available in different shades. If you are looking for a custom fit, the liners are interchangeable within each shell size. With this helmet, you're ready to ride.

Vega Insight Helmet Features

  • DOT and ECE 22.05 Approved
  • Smoke tinted interior drop-down visor
  • Interior drop-down visor is removable and replaceable
  • Replacement drop-down visors available in smoke, light smoke and amber
  • 6-position, optically correct, scratch-resistant clear outer shield
  • VEGA Series B shield offers 9 options: tints, mirrors and anti-fog
  • Chin, forehead, cheek and rear vents maximize comfort
  • Wick-Dri fabric Comfort Fit liner is fully removable and washable
  • Liners are interchangeable for custom fit within shell size
  • Dual density EPS layer enhances protection

Vega Insight Helmet Sizing

Helmet Sizing Information.

To achieve proper helmet fitment, begin by finding your head circumference size using the method described below. Remember that the helmet sizing you choose should fit around the crown of your head comfortably with no pressure points. The cheekpads should fit firmly around your face. Once your chin strap is fastened, grab the chin bar of the helmet and move it side to side. Your cheeks should move with the helmet, which should not slide across your face. Different thickness cheekpads can be purchased to obtain the perfect fit.

Head Measurement Instructions.

Wrap flexible tape measure around your head approximately on inch above eyebrows and ears. Use this measurement (in either inches or centimeters) to find your helmet size in the chart below.

Size Chart




Hat Size




6 5/8-6 3/4




6 7/8-7




7 1/8-7 1/4




7 3/8-7 1/2




7 5/8-7 3/4




7 7/8-8




8 1/8-8 1/4




8 3/8-8 1/2




8 5/8-8 3/4

Most Helpful Reviews :

Good Helmet

by - verified purchaser
Good helmet for the price. Decent airflow with all the vents open and warm enough for those early morning rides with the vents shut. The only complaint is the chin vent can rattle if you don't make sure to lock it in.

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Nice, Very Affordable Helmet

by - verified purchaser
I have two of these, now they work great, look good and the internal visor is a must have!

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Matches My 2005 Honda Shadow Aero

by - verified purchaser
I have this helmet and it fits perfect. Love the drop down visor inside, really great for sunset riding. Color I got is Candy Red and matches my 2005 Honda Shadow Aero almost exactly!

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SUPER Soft And Comfortable Inside

by - verified purchaser
First, there are a total lack of reviews for this helmet so I truly hope this helps. First, order according to Vega's size chart. I ordered exactly according to my head circumference and it fit perfectly. Venting leaves a little to be desired. However, the helmet does stay pretty cool for the most part. Chin strap feels like its positioned just a little too far back (toward your throat) at first but I have since gotten used to it. This helmet does come with a ratchet strap, bought a clip closure because it was not advertised with a ratchet strap now I have a worthless clip closure. But it is super easy to use, on off with gloves! Helmet does feel just a little short at the bottom. Air does tend to flow in under the chin. Probably not the best interstate helmet if noise really bothers you but I ride a Harley with loud pipes so a little wind noise doesn't bother me . SUPER soft and comfortable inside. Plush liner all removable. Looks great with the tinted shield. But also great with the clear lens and drop down visor which works great. Overall this is a fantastic helmet for the money and wouldn't be beat by many out that at the same price point.

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Vega Insight Nomad Review

by - verified purchaser
Thanks to Jafurm return policy. They have been real easy to deal with. In my opinion the helmet size runs very small. Maybe the padding being so thick, makes it very hard to get on. I am going up a couple sizes.

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