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Venture Heat 12 Volt Heated Insoles.

The Venture Heat VH 12 Volt Heated Insoles will keep your feet warm from heel to toe. These heated insoles provide the best option to keep your feet warm on those cold winter days and give you the ability to ride your motorcycle longer and extend your riding season. Even though these heated insoles help with keeping your feet warm on your motorcycle all winter long, sorry to say they will not help you if you have cold feet before your wedding, unless it is actually cold outside and you are riding your motorcycle to the wedding!

The Venture Heat insoles connect to the motorcycle pant liner and will make a welcome addition to your heated motorcycle gear by helping keep your entire body warm when put together with the heated gloves, jacket liner, and pant liners.

Venture Heat 12 Volt Heated Insole Features

  • Designed to be powered by a 12V battery, you can connect your Heated Insoles to a motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV, or scooter for endless heated comfort.
  • Keep your toes warm and your feet comfortable with soothing warmth while out on a ride.
  • Extend the riding season long into the cold months with Heated Insoles.
  • You will never have to deal with freezing toes again
  • The heating elements are positioned throughout the entire insole which allows warmth to be circulated within your foot to give the comfort and protection you need.
  • The polyurethane foam absorbs shock to make bumpier roads more comfortable. The contoured shape follows your foot’s anatomical form for maximum support, flexibility, and comfort.
  • Inside the Box:1 Coax Y-Splitter Cable,1 Battery Harness with Safety Fuse With Xtreme Comfort Technology, we eliminate bulky insulation and coils and replaced them with hair-thin, micro fiber wires allowing a more flexible range of motion without the heavy layers.

Venture Heat 12 Volt Heated Glove Liner Includes

  • 1 pair of Motorcycle Heated Insoles
  • 1 Glove/Insole Harness
  • 1 Battery Harness with Safety Fuse Kit
  • Instruction Guide
  • *Draw: 2 AMPS on High (per pair)

Venture Heat 12 Volt Heated Glove Liner Specifications

  Power System Plugin in to Vehicle
  Heating ElementsEntire Foot
  Heat Settings High
  Source 12-13.8 Volts DC
  Draw2.0 Amps total
  Exterior Fabric PU Shock Absorbent Foam
  Style12V Heated Insole

Venture Heat 12 Volt Heated Insole Sizing

MeasurementSmallMediumLargeX Large
Women Shoe7 to 8 9 to 10 11 to 1213 to 14
Men Shoes5 to 67 to 89 to 10 11 to 12

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Most Helpful Reviews :

Venture Heat 12 Volt Heated Insoles Review

by - verified purchaser
Recently got a pair of these for a long time friend and he hasn't turned them on the medium setting yet! Toasty toes go a long way to keeping a smile on your face. I 'll get a pair for myself soon.

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12-volt heated insoles

by - verified purchaser
I've owned and used Gerbing and Widder as well as other less well-known brands and none have been any better than this product. I ride during winter months in Utah where wind chill while riding is well below zero and NOTHING that I've had in the past warmed my feet effectively; not even the big name brands. I got frostbite in my toes during military service so it's hard to warm my feet. However, this product worked flawlessly. I have never had to turn it up to Medium as the Low setting is plenty to keep me very comfortable. I suspect I'll need to turn it up next year as we're now seeing slightly warmer temps than a month or two ago and I just got these a few weeks ago but I have no doubt they'll handle anything given the performance against competitors thus far. WELL DONE!!!!

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