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Venture Heat Elite Motorcycle Heated Vest.

Venture Heat Elite Motorcycle Heated Vest Features

  • Designed to be powered by your vehicles battery
  • You can connect the 12V heated vest to a motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV, or scooter for endless heated comfort
  • Classic nylon vest designed for style and warmth
  • Has a low power draw which allows riders with small engines to have the joy of having the benefit to have heated clothing
  • Durable enough to withstand weather of varying intensities, this vest helps you stay warm through out moisture and wind you encounter during your ride
  • Inside the Box: 1 Temperature Controller, 1 Battery Harness with safety fuse
  • The heaters are strategically placed on collar, front and back of the vest to create a most effective heating performance
  • 4 temperature settings
  • Soft fleece collar
  • Motorcycle's Heated Clothing User's Guide Included

Venture Heat Elite Motorcycle Heated Vest Sizing

Please measure across the fullest part of your chest/bust and around your waist or belt line.

MeasurementMediumLargeX Large
Chest38" to 40"42" to 44"46" to 48"
Waist31" to 35"36" to 40"41" to 44"

4 stars
3 stars
2 stars
1 star

Most Helpful Reviews :

Heated vest Review

by - verified purchaser
I drive a sidecar rig and The Monkey (as the sidecar (aka 'hack') passenger is affectionately referred to) is a delicate creature whose comfort and well-being is my top priority...or else! The rig is electrified through an auto battery in the hack trunk, so there is plenty of juice and the wiring is neatly tucked away in the passenger compartment. We took off for a ride on Sunday with temps in the high 30's. 90 minutes later, there were NO COMPLAINTS from The Monkey. Plenty of heat, easy-to-use controls. ALSO the Venture heated glove lines purchased last year make a great combo with the vest. I highly recommend both products. Now I just need to get some for myself :-)

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Heated Vest

by - verified purchaser
Had bought a Tourmaster Synergy heated vest for my wife to use on the back. It made all the difference in her comfort on long rides when the temp dropped a little. I had decided I would get one for myself, to stick in the saddlebag, and came across this one on closeout. Fit was great, vest works well, price was good, service was good. I had really wanted to stay with Tourmaster brand for myself due to the dual controller and ability to add to the vest but, couldn't pass on the closeout price. We have bought quite a few pieces of gear here on closeout.There's a reason most of our riding gear has come from Jafrum. I'm not a Spring Chicken anymore, so comfort in the elements is a necessity for me. Funny when you get to my age you don't find it necessary to prove how tough you are on a 40 degree day anymore. Plug and play.

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VH Elite Heated Vest Review

by - verified purchaser
I have been riding for years and can't believe I waited so long to get one of these. One of the best investments in cold weather gear for riding I've made.

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Awesome Vest

by - verified purchaser
I live in Chicago and bike sometimes early in the AM when the temps are 40+ degrees. This thing never gets set above medium in those temps. Keeps me warm and I never have to worry about not having batteries. Ordered it on Tuesday and got here Thursday afternoon. Another winner from Jafrum, 3 order and always satisfied!!

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