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Xena Disc Lock with Alarm XX15.

Once packaging is compromised, warranty is voided.

Xena Disc Lock with Alarm XX15 Features

Ultra-High Security

An extremely strong lock body and piercing alarm make the high-performance XX15 a remarkably effective way to protect your motorbike.

Lock :

  • High nickel-content stainless-steel.
  • Mono-block construction with a broad fit profile.
  • 14mm double-locking.
  • Carbide-reinforced hardened-steel locking pin
  • Freeze-spray proof.
  • Pick-proof key and barrel.

Alarm :

  • Shock & motion sensors trigger a piercing 120dB.
  • Anti-theft alarm powered by a single CR2 long-life Lithium battery.
  • Self-arming, with no on-off switch, re-sets to armed mode within 15 seconds.

Includes :

  • 1 XENA Disc-Lock
  • 1 CR2 Battery
  • 1 XENA Lock Tool Etched with Unique Key Code

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Most Helpful Reviews :

Xena Lock

by - verified purchaser
Easy to use and extremely safe.

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Xena Disc Lock with Alarm XX15

by - verified purchaser
This compact high performance and easy to set Xena disk lock with alarm XX15 system is the best in the market today!!! At least for me it is! Sensitive, reliable and loud! When it's locked on the bike's disc it will go off if you touch the mirrors, handle or any where that causes the most minimum movement of the bike! Of course when the price is right! The shipping is fast! And the customer service is right! It makes the deal even better! Again, thank you so much Jafrum!!!:)

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XENA Disc lock & alarm

by - verified purchaser
i got 2 one for me and for a friend, very loud and strong, nice to be able to go inside to eat and not worry, we even strap our helmets on the bike, with any movement sets it off, nice addition to have

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Xena Disc Lock With Alarm X15 Review

by - verified purchaser
A great product, makes me fill a lot more secure, yes I recommend this product

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Xeana-15 Disc Lock Review

by - verified purchaser
Man wow love it, it's a great Locking Device, Tops off your Bike Security......to anything additional you may add.

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lock it up

by - verified purchaser
purchased this for an upcoming trip and havent actually used it yet other than testing fit etc. its very simple to put on the bike and just as easy to remove. Very substantial piece, heavy duty .

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