Vega Motorcycle Helmets


Company Synopsis

Vega was founded in 1994 and specializes in world-class motorcycle helmets & accessories. Basically began as a husband and wife operation, it is today in the forefront of helmet brands. The company called Soaring Helmet Corporation sells china-made motorcycle helmets under Vega brand.

Soaring Helmet Company started off when Jeanne DeMund and Lou Xu invested $100,000. Their first push was a direct marketing mail campaign to more than 500 dealers all over the country to make the Vega brand reach out to the common man. With intense marketing strategies they got a good 10 percent response from dealers. By this time, Soaring Helmet had realized Vega would become a huge customer favorite in the years to come.

DeMund and Lou Xu continued to market Vega helmets everytime with more zeal. It was when a salesman in Michigan showed interest to become the distributor of Vega Motorcycle Helmets that it began to go a step ahead. Today this international leading brand sells motorcycle helmets in 1,200 motorcycle stores.

Leader in the Helmet World!!!

They are the style-defining ways to take to the roads and show off class without compromising on safety and durability. The meticulous construction and materials used to design, offers complete vented areas in the chin, rear and top areas of the helmet. Vega keeps in mind complete customer convenience. Offers all sizes like XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL. Junior sizes offered in S, M and L. A highly noticeable factor is its comparative low prices. They come cheaper than most in the local market with no compromise on safety and quality.

From 1990 Soaring Helmets have been certified under Australian Standard (AS), SNELL, American DOT and European Standard (ECE). Helmets pass through modern testing facilities with a strict QC and R&D force.