About Us

The motorcycle laws are geared to ensure safety and safety begins with; training, wearing a DOT approved helmet, the appropriate apparel and accessories. This situation started us thinking. We care about the biker community: What could we do? We decided to provide access to some of the quality gear at the best price in motorsports equipment, for daily riders and racers, as well as beginners and experienced bikers. With this goal in mind, Jafrum International was launched in 2002 to sell protective apparel and accessories for motorcycle riders. We are a family-owned business here in Charlotte, North Carolina to serve the needs of an enthusiastic community of bikers nationwide and worldwide.

We give our biker customers what they want at reasonable prices with price guarantee. In return your response has been phenomenal: you have made Jafrum International the #1 fastest growing private company in Charlotte, NC as per Inc.5000. We owe you, our customers many thanks: the company experienced a 325.8% rate of growth in revenue 4 years from its beginning of operations in 2003. In just six short years you, our customers have increased the growth of Jafrum International tremendously: in 2007 your patronage propelled the company to the #1097 spot in the annual publication by Inc. Magazine of the “5,000 Fastest Growing Private Companies in the United States.” And despite the current economic conditions we are still growing, thanks to the support from our customers.

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This is one industry that thrives on competition and Jafrum International is striving to be the best in the marketplace. We are members of the Better Business Bureau and we are committed to improving our selection while keeping the affordable prices and great quality our community of riders expect.

We are also introducing items that our customers have requested and keeping our eyes open for new items that will enhance your safety. The staff of Jafrum International, Inc. is working to make your shopping experience a rewarding one.

We are very exciting about the future: we know you have lots of choices online and we appreciate your business. Thank you for choosing Jafrum International.

Store Hours

Mon-Fri -9 am-12 pm & 2 pm-4 pm

*Please note that the store does not feature all the items in the website, so it is better to call us with a list of items you need to see before coming in.

Our Values and Vision

  • We believe in living a values and truth filled sustainable life and we want to have this not just in our personal lives but also in the business.

  • We believe in excelling in whatever we do, which means our vision is to be the best in the eyes of our customers, vendors, employees and communities.

  • We bargain hard with our vendors and we pass the saving to customers

  • We do not want to threaten the financial wellbeing of the customer so we don't hike up prices even if they are in so big demand

  • We do not believe in having significant liabilities personally or for business.

  • Our goal is to come up as a fully sustainable business economically, socially and environmentally

  • We hire and keep great staff and we are proud of them. We want Jafrum to be a great place for them to work.

  • We are always looking to add in more value to our products and services without bumping up on prices.

  • We are working hard to bring in our brands with the highest quality standards and affordable pricing. Along with our brands, we will be carrying leading hand-picked brands for our customers.

Giving Back

We believe in helping less fortunate and needy and sharing our success with them in a way without "showing off" but sometimes it just becomes necessary to disclose what we believe in.

We believe in feeding the hungry and homeless people and children, providing loans to people in under-developed countries to start small businesses (yes, we also had humble beginnings), supporting non biased media, helping organizations that support sustainability and green earth. Of course motorcycle safety organizations are also our priority.

Listed below are some organizations that we are proud to be affiliated with.

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