LS2 Half Helmets

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  1. LS2 Bagger Helmet
    LS2 Bagger Helmet
    List Price $87.48 Sale Price $69.98
    Sale / Discount: $17.50  (20.00%)
  2. LS2 Rebellion Helmet
    LS2 Rebellion Helmet
    List Price $149.98 Sale Price $119.98
    Sale / Discount: $30.00  (20.00%)
  3. LS2 Stripper Helmet
    LS2 Stripper Helmet
    List Price $74.98 Sale Price $59.98
    Sale / Discount: $15.00  (20.01%)
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LS2 half helmets will protect your head and its precious contents in style. These lightweight helmets are especially popular with riders who don't particularly like wearing a helmet but must do so because they live in or will be riding in a state where noggin protection is required.

Have you been searching for a lightweight lid that won't cost you an arm and a leg? Then check out our collection of helmets from LS2, a motorsports brand that can be found protecting the heads of millions of people throughout the world.

These half helmets from Jafrum are stylish and available in a variety of colors. We also carry LS2 lids that are adorned with eye-catching graphics. But these lids aren't just good looking. They're also DOT approved, which means they can provide you with the protection that your head deserves.

Plus, LS2 helmets include many features designed to make them as comfortable to wear as possible. Some of these features include zip-off neck skirts that will help keep you warm on chilly mornings as well as vents that will allow air flow on hot days. And because half helmets are lighter than, say, a full face helmet, they can reduce neck fatigue on longer rides.

Plus, you will always get a fantastic price if you shop for your LS2 helmets at Jafrum. We work closely with our vendors, including LS2, to ensure that we can always get the best price possible on the merchandise we sell. That is the reason why we can offer our customers a price guarantee.

The prices on our half helmet are so low, in fact, that you may want to consider purchasing a second half helmet to have around for passengers. And if you already own a full face helmet for your highway commutes or long-distance rides, you might want to consider buying e a half helmet as a second lid that you can toss on for your shorter rides.

In addition to helmets, Jafrum also carries everything you'll need to ride in safety and style, including boots, saddlebags, jackets and chaps ? all available at excellent low prices. We also carry items that are specially designed for our female riders, as well.