Scott Hustle-Tyrant-Split OTG Series Tearoffs

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Scott Hustle-Tyrant-Split OTG Series Tearoffs

Scott has always been committed to innovation. The introduction of the WORKS system once again demonstrates that commitment. The WORKS system is a complete vision system using the same lens for either the WORKS Tearoff System or the WORKS Film System to the WORKS Tearoffs System and back.
Using the same mounting system as the WORKS Film System, the WORKS Tearoff System also has a number of advancements over conventional tearoffs. Factory installed pins result in better Tearoff performance and eliminate any variance because of faulty pin installation. For micro-adjustment of Tearoff tension, one of the pins is mounted off-center allowing for a slight increase or decrease in tension on the Tearoff by a simple twist of the pin. WORKS Systems really do work.

Includes strap clip