Saddlemen AP700 Rear Rack Bag

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Saddlemen AP700 Rear Rack Bag.

The Saddlemen AP700 Rear Rack Bag measures 13?/9?W x 7.0?L and 8.5? tall, and it can hold up to 10 pounds. However, this versatile bag can also expand to 10.5 inches tall. So you can keep it zipped down when you don?t need the extra space. But when you do need more room for your belongings, all you have to do is expand the bag. This rear rack bag was designed to match the rear rack or grab rails of most Adventure or Sportbikes. Saddlemen also designed this rear rack bag so that it is easy to install. In addition, this sturdy bag also boasts quick-release, lockable buckles, and it also comes with a rain cover for protection against the weather.

Dimensions: 13.0"/9.0" W x 7.0" L x 8.5" T (10.5" T expanded)

Saddlemen AP700 Rear Rack Bag Features

  • An outstanding group of soft luggage for your motorcycle. Designed to overcome the tough environment of Adventure touring, but are styled to look great on any performance motorcycle
  • Easy to install with quick-release, lockable buckles - these bags have a variety of mounting configurations. Each bag can be secured in a way that best suits your motorcycle and other accessories
  • Expandable to hold an impressive amount of cargo, each bag has a rain cover for extra weather protection. The spacious Pillion & Rack Bag includes a back pack strap so you can easily take your cargo with you
  • The Pillion & Rear Rack Bag lines up with the rear seat and rear rack of most Adventure motorcycles. Takes advantage of Saddlemen?s Adventure TRACK seats? cargo mounting points
  • The Rear Rack Bag is shaped to match the rear rack or grab rails of the most common Adventure or Sportbikes. It?s perfectly sized to carry adequate cargo yet remain stylish and out of the way as you navigate through your journey
  • 10-pound capacity

Saddlemen AP700 Rear Rack Bag Installation Instructions

Your Saddlemen Adventure PACK accessory bags have been developed so they will mount securely on a variety of motorcycles, especially motorcycles equipped with Saddlemen Adventure TRACK or similar design seats. Use this instruction set to attach your bags to your motorcycle and use their features to your convenience.



Each bag has multiple attachment straps to provide you flexibility mounting the accessory to your motorcycle. In most cases, simply un-thread the mounting strap 1 from its buckle on the bag and route it through the rack or fixture 2 on the motorcycle.

To cinch the mounting strap, route the strap 3 back through the buckle 4 and then pull firmly on the strap?s end 5 as shown in the illustration.
Most of the Saddlemen Adventure PACK bags feature locking, quickrelease buckles on the mounting straps to ease installation and removal of the accessory from the motorcycle.

To release the male portion from the female portion of the buckle on the bag, press in at the outer tangs 6. To reinstall, press the male tangs back into the female buckle until the ?click? into place. Pull down on the strap to make sure it is securely engaged in the buckle.

To lock the quick-release buckle, use one of the supplied keys 7 and insert it into the buckle mechanism 8. When the key slot is horizontal, the lock is OPEN. When the slot is vertical, the mechanism is LOCKED.


Use care to not pull too tightly on the strap end 5 so you do not damage it, the buckle 4 or the wall of the bag. Cut off or secure any excess mounting strap material so it will not interfere with the motorcycle?s controls, suspension, wheels or other components. If you choose to cut off the excess strap material, then seal the cut edge of the strap by melting it with the tip of a soldering iron. Use caution to avoid damaging the strap during the sealing process. Cool the strap after sealing by dipping the heated end in cool water.
Saddlemen Adventure TRACK and similar seats are equipped with attachment points 9 for the mounting straps of your accessory bags. Be sure to follow the recommendations supplied with the seat about luggage attachment and load capability.


The Saddlemen Adventure PACK bags include a rain cover that protects your bag and cargo when you ride in wet or dusty conditions. The cover, like the bag itself, incorporates a reflective strip 2 for increased visibility during low-light or stormy weather riding.
Remove the cover from the bag and release the tension cord and then fit the cover over your bag 1.
Once the cover is in place, cinch it tight at the base by pulling on the cord 4 and locking it in place with the barrel-shaped cord lock 4.


Take extra care when installing the rain cover so it will not come loose or interfere with the motorcycle?s controls, suspension, wheels or other components. Do not operate your motorcycle unless you are certain the rain cover is properly secured.
Saddlemen Adventure PACK bags include D-rings 5 around the perimeter of the bag to provide additional mounting points for items such as Saddlemen?s adjustable elastic cords 6
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    Bang for the Buck
    I purchased this in nov and I fit exactly on my luggage rack and looks great on my bike. Its very well made and has plenty of room for the things you need for a day trip.excellent choice for anyone looking for a bag.

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