Uclear Amp Plus Single Helmet Audio System

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Uclear Amp Plus Single Helmet Audio System.

Amp Plus took the foundation of our ground breaking HBC series, amplified it with a faster more powerful processor, upgraded the connection to powerful Bluetooth 4.2 and added our new Boost Pro microphone speaker system. The AMP Plus is the Bluetooth audio system of our choice for any power sports or Motorsports enthusiast. The AMP Plus includes our full duplex intercom technology, which allows you to connect up to 4 other AMP Plus users. Enjoy Studio quality Audio, with deep bass and clear voice. Our patented noise cancelling ABF technology eliminates most external noise and our DSP algorithms triangulate your voice's "Sweet Spot" for exceptional sound clarity during voice communication. So chat it up as you head down the highway or rock out to your favorite band the Amp Plus has you dialed.

Uclear Amp Plus Features

  • 6 person intercom mode
  • multi hop technology
  • Clearlink app - customize and update your amp settings anytime, anywhere
  • New faster amp processor with more reliable Bluetooth 4.2
  • Multi point connectivity
  • Boost pro speaker microphone array
  • Hands free voice activated call pick up
  • Patented boom - free dual microphone
  • ABF technology
  • Cross brand compatibility
  • Industry's most portable system
  • Weather resistant