New 2018 LS2 Helmets

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New 2018 LS2 helmets feature the latest innovations and are available at excellent low prices from Jafrum. Are you searching for a helmet that will offer you all of the newest and greatest features? Then you will definitely want to check out our excellent selection of 2018 models from LS2, a popular motorsports brand that can be found throughout the world.

Whether you are in the market for a brand-new helmet or a second helmet to meet the needs of your different rides, you won't have to look any farther than our selection of 2018 helmets from LS2. At Jafrum, you'll find an excellent collection of helmets that have been designed for all types of riders and riding styles, including open and full face models and modulars. You can even pre-order LS2 models here on Jafrum that aren't available in stores yet.

We also carry a number of new dirt bike helmets that were tested out by LS2 riders such as Ivan Cervantes, a five-time World Enduro champion, and Cyril Despres, a five-time Dakar Rally winner. With their input, LS2 has been able to add innovative features that will hopefully give you an edge over your competitors during your next race.

And at Jafrum, you can purchase your new 2018 LS2 helmet with confidence that you are getting the best price available. We have worked closely with our vendors to obtain great prices from our vendors and then we pass the savings on to you, our valued customers. In fact, we are so confident in our prices, we even offer you a price guarantee. We do this because we have a strong desire to become your go-to site for all of your motorcycle riding needs!

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