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Motorcycle racing suits (or riding suits) provide head to toe protection in case of a fall or a slide. At Jafrum, you will find a large selection and variety of these suits, many from the top Motorsports brand names, including Cortech, Joe Rocket and Alpinestars, and all are available at great prices. Professional motorcycle riders depend on racing suits to protect them from the dangers of road rashes and spills. These riders know that wearing a helmet and a riding suit could save them from a potential trip to the hospital room.

But these suits aren't just for professionals. Amateur racers also need these suits. And if you spend a lot of time riding on the highways, you might also want to consider one of these suits, as they provide the full-body protection you need in the event of a crash. So what should you look for when purchasing a full racing suit? The suit should be crafted from a material that is durable but will also move with you. And the best suits boast features, such as accordion expansion and stretch panels as these will give you better mobility.

A quality suit will also utilize multi-stitching. And for added protection, the suit should have CE-approved shoulder, elbow and knee protectors. You will also want knee sliders on your suit if your plans include any type of road racing.

Features that will provide air flow and ventilation in a suit are also very important, especially on hot days. Some suits also have a back hump, which will make you more aerodynamic and will also provide added ventilation. A removable, washable lining will make it easier for you to keep your suit smelling fresh and clean.

High-quality riding suits, which are available in a wide price range from Jafrum, are a major investment, so it's important to compare them carefully. That is one reason why you should purchase your suit at Jafrum. Plus, on our site, you can carefully read over each suit's description to see which features are important for your needs. And, lastly, when you shop online, you never have to worry about being pressured by a salesman into making a wrong and costly decision.

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